Some of our early members taken in 2009

How do I join?

Just come on over to the Rollo Centre, 685 North Road, Gabriola,  at 10 AM on the first or third Wednesday of the month except during July and August. Or you can contact us through the website and someone will get back to you. You will be more than welcome regardless of your level of experience. You will find Club members who are eager to answer any questions you might have and you are likely to find a few photographers who share your specific photographic interest. For more information you can also send an email directly to the Club President, Sharron Palmer-Hunt,  sharronp@shaw.ca. Club members are kept up to date and informed about events of interest through the website, through email and through Club meeting announcements.

What does it cost?

Our Club annual membership fee is only $10.00. The Rollo Centre charges an attendance fee of $2.00 (for Rollo members) or $5.00 (for non-members) for using their facilities. You may join the Rollo Centre ($20.00 per year) while attending one of our meetings to reduce their attendance fee. 

Why should I join?

Photography is a wonderful hobby and one that is suitable for all ages. It does not require a huge expenditure to start. Some of the best images are taken with an inexpensive compact digital camera or cell phone. 

Eventually you may decide that you want to change or upgrade your camera or add to your photographic equipment. By seeking output from fellow Club members, you will be in a good position to make informed choices.

The world of digital photography opens up a new universe; one that you can keep exploring for the rest of your life. That is definitely a good reason to join! And remember ….

April 2009

“The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera” (Yousuf Karsh)

“The camera always points both ways… in expressing your subject you also express yourself.” ( Freeman Patterson)l