Medical Centre Show, Gabriola Health, Church Street (downstairs by Lifelabs): October 28 – December 02, 2022

By Sharron Palmer-Hunt

Medical Centre Show, Gabriola Health, Church Street (downstairs by Lifelabs): Sept 09 – October 28, 2022

Sea to Sky

From the creatures in the sea to the birds in the sky… it brings me great joy to witness and capture these wildlife moments!

By Linda Blokhuizen

ROLLO EXHIBITION August 26-October 07, 2022

Medical Centre Show, Gabriola Health, Church Street (downstairs by Lifelabs): July 16-Sept 09 2022

BY Diane Green

Medical Centre Show, Gabriola Health, Church Street (downstairs by Lifelabs):

May 30th to July 15th

By Tom Gilligan and Dirk Huysman

“Subjectively Speaking”

Medical Centre Show, Gabriola Health, Church Street (downstairs by Lifelabs):

February 24, 2022 – April 14, 2022


JANUARY 05, 2022 – FEBRUARY 25, 2022

In fall of 2021, Corinne Flaws, a Gabriola photographer and artist finally was able to experience her life long dream and go on a photography tour in Churchill.  This show is a sampling of some of the photos she collected on that trip as well as a few pieces of art she has created over the years.   

In 2021 the average Polar Bear in the western Hudson Bay population spent over 156 days on land.     According to Polar Bears International, Polar Bear‘s lose 1kg of weight per day when fasting on land as they have no access to seals.  After 180 days, up to 63% of young bears could die of starvation.  Loss of Sea ice due to climate change is the single biggest threat to their survival

10% of all sales in this show will be donated to Polar Bears International.   Their mission is to assure that polar bears survive into the future so they can be appreciated as part of this Arctic environment by our children and grandchildren.

Medical Centre Show, Gabriola Health, Church Street (downstairs by Lifelabs):

Pre-Covid Postcards From The Ends of the Earth

By Steve Struthers August 27- October 15 2021

The opportunity to meet and interact with local people greatly enhances the travel experience and can provide great photographic possibilities. The images in this exhibition highlight some of the locals and locales encountered in my travels and provide a glimpse of cultural and physical environments.

These “postcards” are from 11 countries and each represents an attempt to find the heart and soul of a person or place.

The images are from far and wide – Burma, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Togo, Niger, Ghana, Germany, Ethiopia, Namibia, Morocco, USA (Alaska).

Enjoy the photographs! Enjoy the journey!

Medical Centre Show, Gabriola Health, Church Street (downstairs by Lifelabs):

Photography by John Poirer July 09-August 26

The show is a selection of large prints of nature photographs. The pictures were originally made from 1984 t0 2012. Here is a tip for viewing the images.  This quote is from  a book titled “Nature’s Chaos” -photographs by Eliot Porter, essay by James Gleick: “The essence of nature’s beauty lies in disorder, a peculiarly patterned disorder, from the fierce tumult of rushing water to the tangled filigrees of unbridled vegetation.”

Corinne Flaws Art Show

Corinne’s Art Show which will have a mix of digital artography, oil and watercolour paintings and will be showing June 10-22, 2021 at Cre8ery Art Gallery in Winnipeg. Attached is link for Corinne’s work.

Medical Centre Show, Gabriola Health, Church Street (downstairs by Lifelabs):

Baby Love By Linda Blokhuizen

When i was thinking about what pictures i would include in my show, I wanted images that would make people smile. What better subject than babies. Please attend the exhibition to see my collection including eaglets, owlets, whale calves, goslings and fawns. The exhibition takes place from May 21st to July 9th, 2021.

Medical Centre Show, Gabriola Health, Church Street (downstairs by Lifelabs):

                                     Gabriola Colours

The long dark covid winter is coming to an end on Gabriola. However, you don’t have to wait until summer to bring light and colour back into your lives. Break out of lockdown and see the “Gabriola Colours” collection of photographs, created by Laurence Lee and Tom Gilligan, now showing in the lower level of the Medical Centre on Church Street. Exhibition will continue until April 16, 2021.

By © Laurence Lee
By © Tom Gilligan

Medical Centre Show, Gabriola Health, Church Street (downstairs by Lifelabs). A new solo show is on now until February 26, 2021 featuring works by Corinne Flaws.

Corinne is a photographer and visual artist who uses photos as ideas for her art.   She has captured some beautiful artistic photos from Manitoba and Lake of the Woods ON, as well as from around the world in her travels.   Corinne moved to Gabriola in January 2020 and has since spent a lot of time in the spring exploring Gabriola to share with her friends and family back home during the Covid lockdown.   Her show features some of her favourites from this collection.  

Corinne has won awards for her photos in local photography competitions and her photos have been featured on Travel Manitoba websites and published in a Canadian Geographic Canadian Landscapes calendar.  She sells her photos (along with her Art) out of Cre8ery Art Gallery in Winnipeg as well as in her own studio in the Gabriola Art Council Studio Tour (Location #26)

Professional Centre Show, 590 North Road, Upstairs Features work by Gabriola Photography club members. Show will be on until December 04, 2020.

Medical Centre Show, Gabriola Health, Church Street (downstairs by Lifelabs). A new solo show is on now until December 04, 2020 featuring works by Diane Green.

The 100-Mile Photo Diet by Laurie MacBride

It’s natural to be drawn to distant destinations that promise adventure and creative inspiration. But these can also be found in journeys much closer to home, as I hope to demonstrate  through the photographs in this exhibit.

Most of my travelling has been by boat, with the bulk of it here on BC’s south coast. Over the years I’ve learned that every destination – no matter how often I’ve been there – has something different to offer each time I visit.

Places on or close to our doorsteps may seem “familiar”, but they’re never the same twice. Light and shadows dance across the landscape, new textures and colours unfold by the hour, and shorelines change with the rise and fall of the tide. The “old” becomes new again, right in front of our eyes.

Journeys within 100 miles of home can reward us with beauty, wild spaces, adventure and inspiration. What they don’t require are passports, airports or much in the way of carbon emissions – and for that, I’m thankful, especially in the face of our world’s grave climate emergency.

Laurie MacBride “The 100 Mile Photo Diet”

Medical Centre Show, Gabriola Health, Church Street (downstairs by Lifelabs). A new solo show is on now until February 21, 2020 featuring works by Dirk Huysman.

Dirk Huysman, “The Lightness of Seeing”

“I have had a camera in my hands for quite a long time. After many years in the darkroom I have come to enjoy the world of digital photography. One of my greatest joys is translating what I see in the mind’s eye, to the photographic print, successfully.”

Photographic exhibit titled “Postcards from the Ends of the Earth” by Steve Struthers at the Church Street Medical Centre (downstairs by Lifelabs) from October 15 to November 29. Steve Struthers provides us with “postcards from 9 countries, each photograph an attempt to find the heart and soul of a travel experience.

Steve Struthers “Postcards from the Ends of the Earth”

Gabriola Arts Council Building

Collection of 12 photos showing Gabriola artists creative processes by Blair Mann. October 2019

“Forms of Water” print show is open, at Gabriola Island’s Centre Gallery!

Berry Point Storm

By:    © Bill Pope, photographer

email: photographer@shaw.ca

Primary photo web site: RightResolutions.com

Flickr photo sets: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gabriolaisland/sets/

                      Phone: (250) 247-9999        Fax: (250) 247-8000

Gallery Viewing: anytime the Professional Centre is open, from August 9 until the end of September….

Living on an island, we have ample opportunity to experience water views. We can take water for granted, to the extent that we don’t appreciate – or even notice – the water around us. Living with a photographer’s eyes, I have found that I’ve become more aware of my surroundings. Thankfully, the awareness goes beyond “that would be a nice picture”, and extends to a greater sense of wonder about shapes, textures, colours, and relationships among the things I see. These “water views” images represent my reactions to some of the things I see. I have arbitrarily limited the photographs to ones that contain water (in some form or another), while creating pictures that can also be evocative. The images in this display are not pictures “of” water – they are ones that “include” water.

Medical Centre Show, Gabriola Health, Church Street (downstairs by Lifelabs). A new solo show is on now until October 15, 2019 featuring works by Diane Green.

Medical Centre Show, Gabriola Health, Church Street (downstairs by Lifelabs). A new solo show is on now until August 16, 2019 featuring works by Frank Eberdt

Frank Eberdt has lived on Gabriola for over 20 years, but it is only in the last few years that he has established a darkroom here, where he produces all of his hand made prints. He shoots with both digital and film cameras including large format view cameras, and creates prints using various ancient emulsions such as platinum, cyanotype and gum bichromate, often in combination. These techniques involve exposing negatives under ultra violet light and then developing the hand coated paper in multiple baths. This is a method now referred to as alternative process photography. For family reasons Frank often travels to Toronto, where he instructs darkroom workshops at the Toronto Camera Club.

His efforts to learn other innovative methods for exhibiting hand made photographic images caused him to discover the technique of printing images on vellum. The appealing luminosity of these prints is achieved by gilding the back of the vellum with gold leaf and other precious or imitation precious metals.

The beauty of alternative process photography (AP) is that you can take files from a digital camera to create hand made prints that have a distinctive personalized appearance. Making AP prints involves first printing one or more negatives on special plastic film. This is a challenging process that requires expertise and patience, but is highly satisfying when you get the result you are aiming for. Frank’s colour AP prints are made using four separate negatives, individually printed and carefully registered on one hand coated sheet of high quality water colour paper, using four or more separate emulsions and exposures, a process that takes over 8 hours. His prints have been exhibited and sold over the years in both Toronto and on Gabriola.

If you are interested in purchasing a print, please contact Frank at (250) 247-8217 or feberdt@gmail.com

Previous Medical Centre Shows:

Tom Gilligan on opening day

Our next Medical Centre show opening Friday February 22, 2019 by
Sharron Palmer-Hunt

Raymond Tremblay on opening day ray2604@shaw.ca

I acquired my first camera ( Petri f2.) in 1964 and I remember the magic and the joy of instinctively taking my first roll of film; the anticipation of waiting for the results, my desire to create stories around my pictures, and to show them to family and friends.

Although much has changed since, nothing much has changed really.

I still click instinctively; this is my default nature, which I have learned to trust and value. My thinking tends to be done before and after.

Until recently, the story part of my pictures has remained mostly unexplored. I have been hesitant, concerned that that I had nothing ‘interesting’ to say, uneasy about revealing myself naked.           

However, my desire to explore that part of has been growing. I  have learned to express myself and, when I do, joy arises in me,

I become more open, more creative, and more content with my life.

In his Meditations On The Art of Seeing, Meister Eckhart mentions that the Student of Seeing has to first “unlock the Mystery of Seeing”, and that the gateway is to be found in the release from the ‘me’ and ‘mine’, the Ego, and its collection of things that define its territory. As soon as one relaxes and becomes Human, endowed with

a sensitivity to ‘what is real’, the peculiar role assigned to Creation presents itself.

My interest in creating stories, is connected to exploring the unexpressed in me, my desire to find out more about myself, about   my Humanity, and about Life. It is about finding my voice.

I am committed to every step, every photo, and every word. I look forward to this opportunity to create, to explore, and to share with you.