August 2019

August 10, 2019, Bumblebee on thistle, Gabriola, By © Laurie MacBride
August 21, 2019, Black Bear enjoying his pick of salmon, Campbell River,
By © Sharron Palmer-Hunt
August 21, 2019, “Well, I have a little man on the top of my head…”, Paradise Meadows, Strathcona Provincial Park, By © Laurence Lee
August 25, 2019, Way the Wind Blows, The Commons, By © Raymond Tremblay
August 27, 2019, Gabriola, Wind blown Chickadee, By © David Lewis

1 thought on “August 2019

  1. Nice photo Laurie,how do they manage to fly with that fat body and all that extra weight ? It also shows there are nice pics close to nome ! Did I.hear a CoCo bird in my area ( Lots of trees here I thought liked. Open meadows?)Good shot of a black bear enjoying a Salmon ,not your usual type of pictur back ground spoilt by th hand of man but I would have taken the same shot because I have never seen that type of scene but you Sharron know where to go thanks for sharing David


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