A Photo Journey (online)

The Toronto Camera Club has invited members of other CAPA groups, including Gabriola Photography Club, to enjoy “A Photo Journey”, their club’s annual public presentation and fundraiser. While the live version of the event takes place in Toronto, this year the club is also offering a virtual version, so photographers everywhere can enjoy it a few days later, online.

Five audio-visual presentations were created for the event by some of the Toronto club’s most talented, award-winning photographers. The three feature shows include an unforgettable wildlife safari in Kenya, an adventurous expedition to the Antarctic, and breathtaking underwater images from locations across the globe. In addition, this event will present two essays highlighting the boundlessness of creativity in photography.

A ticket to the event costs $15 and in the case of online tickets, gives you a 48-hour window to watch the presentations, on April 29 and 30.

Here’s where you’ll find all the info and how to get a ticket.

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